Preview the first chapter of my gay erotic thriller, YOUNG FOREVER

Young Forever by Nathan Bay

Chapter 1

It was a day so perfect, he just knew something bad was going to ruin it.

Isaiah could feel it in the pit of his stomach; that sick, prickly sense of dread that always came along just when things were going his way. He wondered if it was intuition or a self-fulfilling prophecy. Was he sabotaging his own happiness?

His mother called it the law of attraction. “Whatever you think about, you wish into existence.” She didn’t come up with it herself, she learned about it from this lady named Oprah, back when Isaiah was younger. That’s all he heard about until he was in junior high, and then his mother learned about feng shui.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of getting rid of pointy things. His mom threw out all their nice furniture because it had sharp edges. Some of it had been in the family for generations. Isaiah’s nana was furious. Everything was replaced with round furniture from Ikea. Then his mom moved around the rooms in their home to re-align their chi-chi.

Or was it chai? Isaiah pondered. Starbucks makes something called chai latte. That can’t be right. Well, it was something with a “ch” sound.

She’d made him move his bed into the laundry room because she said that’s where his success corner was. According to her, he’d grow up to have a healthy, prosperous future and lots of luck in love. She was divorced, and he was an only child, so there was a lot of pressure to do well.

He’d just turned eighteen in August and started his senior year. He couldn’t say for certain if his good chai had paid off, but he made mostly A’s and B’s in school, and the laundry room’s proximity to the garage made it super easy to sneak out and hook up with boys. Yay for that.

But today felt different. The sky was a bright blue that made the whole world look like a happy place. There were no clouds, just golden rays of sunlight. It was the second weekend in September, and the oppressive heat and humidity of Tennessee’s summer was fading into crisp coolness. Soon the tree leaves would be turning over to autumn’s fiery color palette.

The sexy guy in the driver’s seat, DownlowMo, was taking him on a leisurely ride through the countryside. His stupid screen name was forgivable because he was dad-as-fuck. Yum. Late thirties, early forties, maybe. Isaiah couldn’t tell, but he was way older with dark hair, combed back in thick, luscious waves. His strong, square jawline made his face look like it was carved from stone. He was a real gentleman too.

They met on Grindr and had been flirting hardcore every day for the past week. But the guy never said anything overtly sexual and didn’t send or ask for dick pics either. They just talked, mostly about Isaiah; what kind of music he liked, what his favorite video games were. The guy was such a good listener.

So today, Isaiah had agreed to have lunch with him. They had a nice picnic under an oak tree out in a private spot of the park. Who does that anymore? It was something so romantic and quaint, like something you’d do in the 1980s.

The man fed him chunks of fancy cheese, drizzled with honey and spread on crunchy chai crackers. Wait, were they chai? he wondered. Like the chai latte? No, chia. Maybe chia was an herb.

The man even let him have some champagne, and the bubbles were swimming straight to his head. It had all started out as a hook-up, but now it felt like a dream date in Heaven.

Isaiah gazed out the passenger’s side window, watching the trees pass by at a safe and steady sixty miles per hour. With a satisfied sigh, he said, “This is my favorite time of year.”

The man smiled and reached over to pat Isaiah’s hand. “Mine too.” He had the top down in his sleek white Mercedes-Benz Cabriolet. The wind was tussling his hair with invisible fingertips. “Are you enjoying yourself? You’ve been awfully quiet since we left the park.”

“Oh, sorry,” Isaiah said. “I was just daydreaming.”

“That’s okay. It’s nice to daydream. I thought maybe you were having second thoughts.”

“I wasn’t having second thoughts, but to be honest, I was a little worried something would go wrong. I just had a funny feeling. But everything’s been perfect.” Isaiah giggled, then hiccuped. “Oh, excuse me. I must have drank too much.”

“Think nothing of it.”

“Hey, I just realized, I forgot to ask your name.”

The stranger smiled wider, revealing perfect white teeth. “My name’s Maximus, but you can call me Max.”

“I think I like Maximus better.” He giggled again, and another hiccup chased it away.

Max let his hand wander and began rubbing Isaiah’s leg in long strokes. “Whatever makes you feel most comfortable.”

Isaiah scooted closer and rested his head on the man’s shoulder. The city of Nashville was long behind them, and it must have been at least twenty minutes since they passed the last cow. The road had narrowed to a two-lane highway, and there was nothing but rock quarries and forest surrounding them. “It seems like we’ve been driving for a while. Where are we going?”

“Don’t worry. We’re almost there.”

They rode in silence for another five miles. No other cars passed in either direction. The alarm bells returned and were screaming louder inside Isaiah’s head. His stomach was twisting into knots. He just kept reminding himself, whatever you think about, you wish into existence.

Finally, they came around a sharp bend in the road and Max veered off down a gravel path. It was so overgrown with weeds and brush; nobody would ever notice it unless they knew where to look. They drove deeper into the belly of the woods, to the darkest corners where the sun never touches the ground. Max gently maneuvered the car off the path and parked.

Isaiah looked around. It was eerily silent. There were no birds singing, and no sign of movement anywhere. “This is pretty far off the main road.”

Max eyed him with an unexpected perverseness. “It’s very discreet.”

“Oh.” Isaiah let the words roll around in his foggy head, then a jolt of excitement registered below his waist. “Ohhh, I get it.”

Now he felt stupid for ever worrying about things going wrong. The guy was just trying to find a private place for pound town. Maybe he hadn’t come out of the closet yet. Being gay was harder for old people.

He forced out a small laugh, not because anything was funny, but just because. Max was leering at him with hungry eyes, like the Big Bad Wolf observing Little Red Riding Hood. He wondered what he should do next. Where should his hands be? He smoothed out his blue cotton shirt and began chewing his fingernail. “Do you have condoms?”

“Yes, and lube too.” Max unfastened his seatbelt and reached across to open the glovebox.

Isaiah flinched when the door dropped open over his lap.

“Don’t be nervous.” Max pressed the button on Isaiah’s seatbelt and let it release, then ran his hand along the inner band of the young man’s underwear.

Isaiah squirmed. “That tickles.”

Max pressed his soft lips against his neck and dug deeper into his pants, grabbing hold of Isaiah’s cock. It sprang to life and hardened in his grip. “How’s that?”

“Much better.”

“Good, now try to relax. Just close your eyes, lean back, and I’ll take care of you.”

Isaiah took a deep breath, reclined his seat, and let himself enjoy the skillful way he was being rubbed. Max’s hands were strong and attentive; so different from the touch of the clumsy boys he’d messed around with. They were always in a hurry to finish.

He felt the top button of his jeans come undone, so he lifted up from his seat and allowed his pants and underwear to be pulled down past his knees. Despite his apprehension, he liked where this was going.

Warm, wet lips met the tip of his foreskin, then a tongue pushed past the folds and swirled around his sensitive head. Ripples of pleasure flowed through him. Nobody had ever serviced him with such talent.

His skin was slowly rolled down his shaft, like the peeling of a banana. Then a greedy mouth devoured him, swallowing him down to his balls. He bit his lip and squirmed in his seat. The sensations were almost too good. He felt like telling Max to stop and pushing him away because the pleasure was more than he could handle. But he wanted the man with the magic mouth to keep going, so he held on for dear life and enjoyed the ride.

A lubricated finger wiggled its way between his thighs and stroked his taint. This was really going to push him past the point of no return. He tried to relax, slouched down in his seat to spread himself open, and was rewarded by the gentle pressure on his hole. A second finger joined in on the fun, and soon both digits slid inside him.

Isaiah opened his eyes and looked down at the sexy older man who was making him shudder with pleasure. Steel colored eyes looked up and met his gaze.

Max released Isaiah’s cock and smiled with flushed lips, wet with saliva and juices. “You’re getting overstimulated, aren’t you?” It was as if he was reading his mind.

Isaiah nodded. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s incredible, but I’m not used to feeling this good in this many places at once. I feel like I’m about to blow.”

“You will.” Max unfastened his jeans and pulled his pants down. His dark pubes were neatly trimmed, and his massive cock jutted out.

“Oh, fuck, I don’t know if I can take that.”

“You can.” Max smiled with wicked confidence as he opened a condom and rolled it down his girthy monster. It was at least ten inches long with a round mushroom head that tapered down to a veiny shaft. “Come on over,” he commanded with a twinkle in his eyes.

He worked a generous coating of lube all over the condom and rubbed the excess between Isaiah’s asscheeks. “Go ahead and try straddling me.”

Isaiah chucked his shoes to the floorboard and stripped off his clothes, then stood up on Max’s seat, faced him, and bent his knees to crouch down. His cock wiped a trail of pre-cum down Max’s smoothly waxed chest. He felt the sharp pressure as his hole made contact. It was like a beer can was pressing into him.

“It’s okay. Take a deep breath.” Max demonstrated with a calm breathing exercise, and Isaiah mimicked him.

At first, it burned as the seemingly impossible girth spread him open. He kept breathing, and once he slid past the head, his discomfort eased away, and he felt pleasure take over.

“There you go,” Max said. “Just keep taking deep breaths and let your body open up to me.”

His tight young hole spread wider, and now it felt like every part of him was consumed by Max. He slid back up and then glided down. The second time was easier, and by the third trip up and down the pole, he was riding like a pro.

“Try tilting back a little,” Max said.

Isaiah shifted his body, and that’s when the mighty meat inside him hit his prostate gland at just the right angle. He shuddered with ecstasy as his insatiable hole tightened.

“Fuck, that feels so good,” Isaiah said.

With measured precision, Max bucked his hips and pushed more aggressively against Isaiah’s sweet spot. The stimulation forced out strand after strand of clear fluids from his cock.

“I love watching you,” Max said. “You’re so perfect in every way. I could look at you forever.”

The young man raised a curious eyebrow but pushed the thought aside as a strong current stirred deep inside him. The tension was building, blooming from deep within a place he’d never experienced pleasure before.

“Oh my God, I think I’m actually going to come. Like literally come from being fucked. I’ve never done that before.”

“Good. I want you to come hard. I want you to have the best orgasm of your life. You deserve it.”

“Fuck. Ohhh fuuuck.” Isaiah’s cock was bobbing wildly, thrashing from side to side. It felt so swollen, inflated like a balloon and becoming painfully hard. He felt so close to the edge, ready to explode with each powerful thrust.

“Go ahead and give me your loudest scream,” Max said. “No one can hear you out here.”

The young man obliged, letting out an animalistic sound that burned a trail from the depths of his chest and out of his throat. The yearning beast within came roaring out of his mouth.

Max coaxed him. “That’s it. Give me all you’ve got.”

Isaiah felt like his body was a loaded gun, and the bullets were packed in the chamber. His trigger was being pulled back. Now he was shaking. Pre-cum was flooding out of his aching red dick. He needed that release so bad.

And then it happened.

A feeling he’d never experienced before, as he floated up to a place he’d never gone. The trigger was released, and the ammunition exploded out of him in thick, white bullets. They shot Max in the mouth. The remnants sprayed and splattered across the leather seats. Just as he’d been instructed, he had the best orgasm of his life; one he experienced from the inside out, without even touching himself.

Max licked the creamy load from his lips, then screamed loudly as he too became lost in a powerful orgasm. His balls ached as he let loose and filled the condom up with his release.

They were both panting, and their bodies were glistening with sweat. Isaiah leaned over and kissed Max on the mouth, snowballing his load off the tip of his tongue.

Isaiah’s legs were weak, and his muscles were strained from straddling Max’s lap. He feebly lifted himself off and collapsed into the passenger’s seat. After he composed himself, he looked over and noticed Max’s expression had changed. His eyes were opened wide and glazed as if he were lost in a trance.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Yes,” Max said. But he didn’t blink, and his voice was little more than a hollow whisper.

A sudden sharp pain stung Isaiah’s thigh. Instinctively, he slapped it. “Ouch. I think something just bit me. Can we put the top up?”

Through the darkness of the woods and the bleary aftermath of his explosive orgasm, he couldn’t quite make out the details of the syringe injecting poison into his bloodstream. Then everything began to spin. The world felt cold and started fading off into the distance. His pulse slowed down to a mere whimper.

“Shhh…” Max put a finger to Isaiah’s lips as he slid the needle out of his flesh. “Just relax and let go of resistance. There’s nothing you can do now. You’re going to be young forever.”


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Young Forever by Nathan Bay