The Invisible Plan

The Invisible Plan by Nathan BayA cursed ruby, an invisible cloak, and a sinister secret plot to eradicate gay people converge for the perfect storm in this wickedly dark science-fiction satire.

Peter Peartree is a young scientist who could use some stimulation in his life. He’s feeling demoted in his job at a prestigious cancer research lab, and his relationship with his boyfriend is hanging on by a thread. But everything is about to change when he and his two best friends, Sabrina and Ernesto, discover a secret box buried in the shadowy bowels of the laboratory basement.

Soon Peter finds himself engaged in a lethal game of hide-and-seek with a homophobic scientist who’s drunk on power. The entire LGBT community of Nashville is at risk and only Peter can save the day. Will he be able to protect them before it’s too late? Find out in The Invisible Plan, an exciting new gay sci-fi comedy from the wild and wonderful imagination of author Nathan Bay.

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