The Bay Boys Collection

The Bay Boys Collection by Nathan BayThree exciting gay science fiction mysteries together for the first time! This collection includes the Amazon #1 bestselling books Young Forever and King of the Sea, the dark sci-fi comedy The Invisible Plan, and a bonus gay erotica short story, Bear Hunting.


Plunge into the icy dark waters of the San Francisco bay with this tale of murder, mutiny, and mermen.

Carlos Santiago is a man on the edge of sanity. After battling cancer, he’s developed an obsession with death, fearful that it’s lurking behind every shadow, waiting to steal his last breath. Then a heart-pounding encounter with a mysterious merman turns his world upside down and gives him new hope for the future.

But escaping his vindictive former boyfriend, Dr. Tyson Thorne, won’t be so easy. When Carlos discovers shocking medical experiments are taking place behind his back, he embarks on a race against time to unlock the mystery of the doctor’s secrets before he gets caught.

With danger threatening him at every turn, can Carlos escape the hands of death a second time? And can he trust his new merman love interest when everyone around him seems to be hiding a dark secret?


A cursed ruby, an invisible cloak, and a sinister secret plot to eradicate gay people converge for the perfect storm in this wickedly dark science fiction adventure.

Peter Peartree is a young scientist who could use some stimulation in his life. He’s feeling demoted in his job at a prestigious cancer research lab, and his relationship with his boyfriend is hanging on by a thread. But everything is about to change when he and his two best friends, Sabrina and Ernesto, discover a secret box buried in the shadowy bowels of the laboratory basement.


Cold-hearted murder and smoldering hot romance explode in this mystery about a youth-obsessed serial killer.

Gay men are mysteriously disappearing from the city of Nashville. There are no bodies, no evidence of a crime, and police are turning a blind eye to the pattern. But this is the South, where juicy gossip and sordid rumors spread like wildfire. Is a murderer at large, stealthily slaughtering innocent victims? And if so, who is he, and how can he be stopped?

Meanwhile, Roger Willis just turned forty. He’s newly single and struggling to find his place in the gay dating scene. Instant access is available through apps, and a careless stranger can reject him by swiping left. Callous technology has replaced the warmth of getting to know someone through eye contact, a friendly handshake, and casual conversation. His dream of finding love again is beginning to feel hopeless.

Everything changes when a handsome young man named Ben Hudson comes along, and suddenly Roger’s world doesn’t seem so lonely. There’s relationship potential, but Roger has secrets. He didn’t make it to his age without a few skeletons in his closet. What will happen when Ben flings the door open and the truth comes tumbling out?

Lies will be told. Hearts will be broken. Fluids will be spilled. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

BEAR HUNTING (bonus short story)

Welcome to the bathhouse, a place where your wildest fantasies can come true. Leave your hang-ups and inhibitions at the door because this is a place where anything goes.

Meet Ty, a cocky young fitness guru on the prowl on a balmy summer night. Ty is handsome, talented, and fearless, but he’s about to meet his match.

There’s a mysterious new man in the bathhouse, known simply as Bear. Other guys have been sharing stories about him, saying he has magic powers that enable him to take his partners to pleasurable heights they’ve never experienced before.

Ty is determined to hook up with Bear but he will soon learn the beefy stranger with smoldering eyes is not that easy to win over. Ty will have to prove himself worthy and surrender to Bear’s domination if he wants to take a ride to paradise.

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